Feb 12- 19: Goa

Goa is a weird black hole where you blink and days can go by.. You always end up staying longer than you thought you would. It’s the place where tourists and locals come to party and vacation, and way more chilled out than the rest of India.

There’s a place down the street called Jaws that makes the BEST momos we’ve had so far in our trip… so today we went there for lunch… when we got there the owner / chef was like YOU GUYS ARE BANNED GET OUT, we looked at each other like umm ok what did we do.. Ok ya sure we were here last night having a couple drinks, but I don’t remember getting kicked out LOL. WELL it turned out that the two Russian guys we had been hanging out with there last night had skipped out on half their bill and blamed us! Luckily Vishu was able to go in and explain everything and they let us come back…
We had a really cool roomie named Mo, he’s a photographer / filmmaker from Delhi. He said he was heading out to watch the parade for Carnival and so we invited ourselves along lol.. It was one of the funniest parades I’ve ever seen. Most of the floats were home made with paper mache, and some of them were pretty extravagant! Mo was only there for 2 nights, and then he got replaced with this guy who snores like a helicopter and clogged the toilet in the first 5 minutes he was there. We miss Mo.

We rented a scooter and tripled on it to the beach Indian style LOL. Except this year there are more cops, (they are kind of cracking down in Goa on safety stuff) so there was some spots we had to drop one of us off, go through the roadblock, then come back and get the other person.

Baga beach is long sandy and full of beach shacks and cool places.

Feb 14: Today the hostel put on this funny speed dating event for Valentine’s day… it was hilarious because there was maybe 4 girls and like 12 dudes.. So it turned into just everyone sitting at this really long table having drinks and asking each other awkward questions. After that we went out to Cubana Club.. it was also ladies night there which means NO COVER AND FREE UNLIMITED OPEN BAR THE WHOLE NIGHT. So that was prettyy awesome!

When we got back we stopped at Mango Tree, (the pub beside our hostel) for a 3am snack..
As some of you know, when Corr and I are travelling together and have had a few drinks, and the opportunity arises, we can get a little carried away with our stories about our crazy lives in this imaginary remote northern Canadian village in the depths of the wilderness, just to see how much people will believe. Every time we do this our fabricated life stories get a little more detailed and a little more convincing… lol.
So that’s all fun and games, until the next night when the same guy sits beside me at the campfire and I had to fess up to our little game HAHA. He was like “WHAT! I totally believed you guys!” Honestly I think he was a bit disappointed that our wild stories of living off the land, fending off polar bears, and racing our dog sleds were totally made up HAHA.

Feb 19: I have been extremely lazy and tired the last couple days, maybe because the mosquitoes sucked out all my blood…. Haha jk…

There’s a lot of really cool birds and bugs here, I like just laying in the hammock watching them.

Tonight we are getting on an overnight bus and heading to Hampi!

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