Jan 20 – Long layover in Taiwan

We reached the Taipei airport in Taiwan after at 12.5 hour flight from YVR. The Taipei airport does a free transit tour for people with long layovers, so our first mission was to get on that! We were lucky and they had just enough space left for us to join. They took us to a really cool temple called Qingshui Zushi Temple (Bird Temple). This temple was amazing!

Then they took us to Sanxia Old Street and Yingge Ceramics Old Street, where we did some walking around, and after that to a pottery place. All really cool. The tour was about 4 hours, then they took us back to the airport.

Back at the airport we had about 18 hours left to kill before the next flight LOL so we wandered around aimlessly a bit, got some food, The 711 in Taiwan had some interesting snacks… lots of vaccum packed varieties of boiled eggs.. lol and you can buy beer in 711! Then it was time to search for a good place to sleep. We got lucky and found an awesome sleeping spot, had a good like 6 hour nap, and then finally it was time to go through security.

Airports are a lot more fun after you go through security, and we found FREE AIRPORT SHOWERS, so that was a huge bonus! Then it was time to get on the next flight to Delhi!

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