March 1 – 8 : Jaipur

The drive to Jaipur was really pretty! Along the way we stopped to see City Palace in Udaipur. We reached Jaipur in the evening, and checked into a hostel near Abhi’s place. I was pretty exhausted by this point so just went to sleep.

The next day was Holi, which is known as the festival of colors to celebrate the arrival of spring, so we got together with Abhi and some of his friends to CELEBRATE and throw colors at each other haha.

Over the next few days we just chilled around the hostel, and we found a really good clean place down the street that makes good salads, so we just tried to eat as healthy as possible to try and get healthy again. (You aren’t really supposed to eat uncooked food here, but this place has a good reputation… knock on wood lol) I still have really low energy from being sick. We went to the old part of Jaipur, and went into Hawa Mahal ( The Palace of the Winds ) and walked around some markets and stuff. Had a lot of interesting conversations with interesting people.

March 6: Today we left for Ranthambore National Park with Abhi and a couple of his friends. We went on a safari to see wild TIGERS! We saw a mom and 2 cubs. They were super far away so I didn’t get any photos, but it was really nice just to get out into the wilderness and fresh air, that’s something I’ve been missing a lot! ! We also saw wild peacocks, deer, crocodiles, some kind of buffalo or antelope thing, lots of monkeys, and all kinds of cool birds.

We stayed at a super nice place near the park (which was totally out of our budget but we were celebrating Abhi’s B-day so we splurged a bit… it even had SEVERAL POOLS. This place was REALLY NICE.

The next day we headed back to Jaipur and it was time to catch the overnight bus to Rishikesh!

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  1. I would have to say that the ” multi-coloured ” make-up application really brings out and highlights both your girls eyes. Very tres chic and a definite fashion statement. !!

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