March 20 – 22: Bangkok

Neither of us were really able to sleep on the overnight flight to Bangkok. We landed around 5 am, had breakfast and then booked an Uber to our hostel. It took a while to find our Uber because the exit has two levels of road, but of course on GPS you can’t tell what level the car is on, and then I had to keep going back in to get back on the Wifi to update the Uber on the map, then we took too long so the guy cancelled so had to rebook, eventually we found it!

It’s beautiful here, the air is hot, humid, and smells tropical. We noticed the difference right away, it’s SO much more chilled out and seems a lot cleaner, traffic is pretty organized, there’s no honking, not a lot of people and animals wandering around, it’s actually kind of eerie when you’re accustomed the chaos of India.

We were able to drop our bags at the hostel but couldn’t check in until 1pm so we wandered around like zombies for a while until we could finally check in and go to sleep! It’s REALLY hot in our room, hotter than outside, and it was 34 degrees outside when we got here.

Thailand seems to be a bit more expensive than India, especially for things like trains and uber, so we will probably be taking it pretty easy! The hostels seem to be about the same though. We found a good local food place down the street, and will probably just do some walking around today.

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