April 5 – 9: Four more nights in Bangkok

We were going to go to Chiang Mai but decided to skip it to save some money and since it would have been rushed anyways. So we took the ferry and the overnight bus from Ko Tao back to Bangkok last night. The bus arrived at 3 am, not sure where we were, but we knew the road we’re staying on so we shared a cab there with some other girls. Turns out the drive was really short so the cabby totally ripped us off.
Everyone was leaving the clubs at the time we arrived so it was an entertaining walk to find our place. We were welcomed onto Khaosan road by a man puking into a pile of garbage on the street. Lots of drunk people, prostitutes, and people selling street food and you could even buy a balloon full of laughing gas if you want… lol..

We found our place, but it’s like 4am at this point so we have to kill some time, before we can check in. Found a McDonalds and had some coffee. Luckily they still let us check in early (6am) so we could finally get some sleep! Spent the next few days just exploring around Khaosan Road. To be honest not really a fan of Bangkok, it’s a pretty gross city, well at least the area we were staying, so I used most of that time to catch up on projects and Netflix.. Lol. Then I was looking around in my emails for our flight itinerary pages for Vietnam, and for some reason I could only find Corrs, TURNS OUT my booking didn’t go through so I didn’t even have a flight booked for Vietnam! Which is weird because they are supposed to check that you have an outgoing flight before they let you in the country… OOPS so I ended up having to book one last minute, I’m just glad I noticed before we went to the airport omg!

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