Feb 19-20: Hampi

After a 13 hour bus ride from Goa, we reached Hampi around 7 AM. Neither of us slept much on the bus because it was PRETTY bumpy and lots of sharp turns.. poor Corr was feeling sick.. I am lucky that I don’t get carsick very easily.

Cell service not good here, and we found out earlier that the hostel we booked is across the river and you have to take a ferry to get to it, so we decided to stay at a place on this side of the river. But with no service we kind of had to just wing it, we got in with a driver who we had been talking to and he took us to a place to book our bus tickets to Mumbai, and then to a guesthouse. We are just staying one night so we don’t really care that much where we sleep.

After we got everything sorted out, we both went for a HUGE NAP lol, and then around 1pm got up and went exploring!

Hampi is freaking cool, it looks like the land before time. Huge boulders, crazy plants and temples. We walked around a bunch, got mugged by some monkeys… when they started opening the zippers of my backpack I had to scare them away.

In the evening we went to a fruit stand and bought watermelon, pineapple, oranges, and papaya for dinner..

The next day we went on a walk to the elephant temple, and stopped at temples along the way. It was about an hour each way, and pretty hot out so we were exhausted after that.. Once we reached the elephant temple they were like its 500 rupees for foreigners (and only 30 rupees for locals) I tried to get them to let us do a 2 for 1 deal haha but NO LUCK so we didn’t go in.. but we could see enough from outside.

Tonight we are getting on an overnight bus from here to Mumbai!

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  1. Your photography is phenomenal. I would expect your Indian travel book to be published soon after your return to Canada. !

    I had to look up 500 rupees for an Elephant ride. That’s $9.90 Canadian…compared to 30 rupees = .59 Canadian cents… I think you made the right decision.

    Stay well – stay healthy


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